Wednesday, March 26, 2003

I ain't gonna' study war no more.

Not tonight, at least. . .

My heart is sick with it as you can see if you scroll down the screen a bit.

No, tonight I'm gonna study myself.

Five facts about me (unknown to even long time readers of this blog)

1. As of this writing, I have four tattoos. The first - a celtic band with a knot symbolic of fidelity- circles my right bicep and was inked about 12 years ago, jointly with Sarah as this is our wedding band. She has an identical band on her left bicep. I also am illustrated by, in no particular order: an anklet of silhouette crows and cats chasing each other around my left ankle, a necklace of stars not unlike an upsidedown halo and also illustrative of where my head is at most of the time (i.e. in the stars), and a rendering of Krazy and Ignatz enacting their timeless ritual of adoration and redemption in bricks and hearts across my left shoulder blade.

2. Buffalo Bill Cody is a direct relation to me, something like my great, great uncle. Yes, that Buffalo Bill Cody. Young rider of the Pony Express, scourge of buffalo, founder of Cody, Wyoming (I've not been in this life), and, of course, visionary showman.

3. I am in the habit of giving blood on a regular basis, every 60 days or so. Blood type? AB Negative.

4. My middle name is Todd. In German, the word tod means death. I will, someday, die. . .Coincidence?

5. I have 12 toes on each foot.

well, ok. . . one of the above is not a fact.

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