Monday, March 31, 2003

If, like most people in the Western world, you watch television with anything approaching regularity, you may have recently witnessed one of the latest ads - brought to us by the Office of National Drug Control Policy � attempting to equate drug use with terrorism:

Moral Loophole with Nick and Norm

Norm: I got it.
Nick: Got what?
Norm: The moral loophole.
Nick: The moral loophole?
Norm: Um hm. I buy drugs, I might be supporting terror. Might is the moral loophole.
Nick: So you might be helping drug dealers shoot little kids, and you might be helping drug cartels slaughter innocent families, and you might be helping terrorists do things so awful that we can't even conceive of them yet.

As the saying goes, the first casualty of war is the truth. Nowhere is this truer, perhaps, than in the so-called War on Drugs as waged by the United States Government, itself one the greatest pushers the world has ever seen:

The CIA: A History of Drug Dealing

The propaganda currently being engineered by the Bush Administration for the purpose of forming/swaying public opinion regarding the so-called Iraqi Crisis (which they have also engineered through the use of deception, lies and forgery) is as nothing compared to the vast ocean of misinformation spilled over the years about the use and abuse of drugs.

As evidenced by Nick and Norm�s absurd dialogue above, the sea of drug lies is growing daily, and now jointly with the ever increasing lake of lies about that latest boogeyman to haunt the American Dream: Terrorism.

I don�t mean to imply that terrorism is not a real threat. On the contrary, it is all too real and it is imperative to know just who the terrorists are. But how can one determine the good guys from the bad without a program? Pay Attention.

Good �ol Norm, for instance, might do better to turn his attention to a question regarding terrorism that doesn�t even have the benefit of his ridiculous moral loophole:

What am I supporting by paying taxes every year?

Iraqi Women and Children Killed; Baghdad Battered

School of the Americas

Civilians killed as US targets Iraqi missiles

The truth about Waco

Wounded Knee

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