Monday, March 24, 2003

As American, British, Iraqi, Human blood soaks desert sands under his command, Bush and his partners in crime are killing we here in the U.S. softly:

Bush to Alter Clinton Order on Secret Documents

The Bush administration plans to make it easier for government agencies to keep documents secret by revoking an order issued by President Clinton that said information should not be classified if there was "significant doubt" as to whether its release would damage national security. . .

The new policy would also permit reclassification of documents that have already been made public, and give the Central Intelligence Agency special authority to resist decisions by an interagency panel that considers classification appeals, typically from researchers.

Ashcroft expands use of search powers -
Number of secret inquiries has gone way up since Sept. 11

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the Justice Department and FBI have dramatically increased the use of two little-known powers that allow authorities to tap telephones, seize bank and telephone records and obtain other information in counterterrorism investigations with no immediate court oversight. . .

Somebody please wake me up. . . Or, better yet, rouse the foggy headed people of this nation from their hungry, media fueled dreams so that they can see the country they claim to love crumbling into the dust of history as a police state rises in it's place.

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