Saturday, July 27, 2013

Monster Kid (take II)

Now that I am older,
not so young
as I used to be,

 the songs that I remember
are those
the monsters taught me.

 They sang from flickering
TV screens,
and the darkness
beneath my bed.

my young heart harkened
to every word they said.

 The lonely  song
of The Outsider looking in,
the shambling figure
who gets gets the girl

 and loses her again.

 For me
no truer tune ever rang
than those dark lullabies
the monsters sang.

 And now that I’m over,
as they say regarding age,
that proverbial hill,
nothing much has changed.

 I was a monster kid,
and I am still.
- R. Cody -
(revision of


Brother Ollie said...

nice work - this brings me back to those youthful days...and nights

Richard Cody said...

Thanks, Ollie! Well, as the poem says, I'm still a monster kid. Just watched The Wasp Woman last night!