Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monster Kid

Now that I am older,
not so young
as I used to be, 

the songs that I remember
are those
the monsters taught me. 

They sang from the blackness
at the backs of closets,
and the darkness
beneath my bed. 

 my young heart harkened
to every word they said. 

The language of shadows,
secrets of the night, mysteries
of The Dark,
mysteries of Light. 

For me
no truer tune ever rang
than those dark lullabies
the monsters sang. 

And now that I’m over,
as they say regarding age,
that proverbial hill,
nothing much has changed.

 I was a monster kid,
and I am still.
- R. Cody -
Deadicated to the monsters, of course,
and to The Spirit of Halloween!


Kim Nelson said...

I read a lot of Halloween-inspired writing this past week. Yours is most certainly my favorite. Gives life to the ideas hidden between the lines.

Richard Cody said...

Thanks for reading, Kim, above, below, and in between the lines!