Monday, November 07, 2011

Dog-eared & These are the moments

my green vellum journal
only half full.


These are the moments
that make up a life,
slipping away as I write…


Lady Nyo said...

Hi Richard...

I like would be haikuish? I am not that familiar with this form, having troubl enough getting my head around haiku....but I think this is a good piece, satisfying a few of those pesky Japanese demands on poetry.

There is an off=handedness about the two verses, and this is very desirable. Yet also, it makes a statement about life, a particular life. That is also desirable.

And in the's just a good view of the labor of writing...and what would we be doing if we weren't writing?

Lady Nyo

Richard Cody said...

Thank you for reading Lady Nyo!

I refer to my haiku efforts, all written in my native language, English, as haikuish - my logic being that because I am writing in English, my work can never properly be called haiku (unless and until I learn Japanese).

If I wasn't writing, I'd be going mad, no doubt!