Monday, January 13, 2003

I'm okay alone, but you got something I need

- Brand New Key, Melanie -

Sarah is traveling again. . . Braving the frozen wilds of Hebron, Kentucky. The money is good, I suppose, but the time apart is long in ways that cannot be measured by ticks and tocks and tiny days divided neatly on calendars.

And what is money, after all, that it should keep lovers apart? Plastic, little bits of paper, a stream of binary code feeding fat banks, The Devil's bog roll.

Oh, how we push ourselves and pride ourselves and loose touch with ourselves for Old Nick's sh*t.

But who believes in that stuff anyway? Money? The Devil? Fantasy!

I was talking about Sarah and thinking of the real world in the deeps of her eyes. . . so far away. Come home soon, Sarah, and safe. You got something I need.

The first night you were gone
I lay in bed, emptiness
beside me,
and realized

that my love for you
is a living thing

nourished by your presence.

Without you
it goes hungry
and gnaws at my heart.

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