Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Could a strategically timed invasion of Iraq help our hero regain lost poll points?

Meaningless as it may be, the news that Bush Jr's popularity has ebbed to the lowest numbers (58%) since he rode the waves of tragedy to a soaring crest after that sad day in . . . when was it? Oh, yes, September '01. . . Meaningless as it may be, I say, the news that George W. lost a little bit of his post 9/11 shine cheered me a bit.

According to the Newsday article linked above:

Gallup pinpointed foreign affairs - specifically, the controversy over North Korea's nuclear ambitions - as a key to Bush's decline. It found that those approving of Bush's handling of foreign policy fell from 60 percent to 53. . .

The mild cheer this news brought me shrivels right up, however, before the dread which squeezes my heart when I realize that 53 percent of those polled seem to support Bush's foreign policy. My god, the man is terrorizing a soverign nation. Many even think he is honest, apparently.

Gallup found that the public continues to view Bush as honest, decisive and effective.

This for a man who should be answering some serious questions about election and corporate fraud and who seems to be most effective at lying and destroying the environment.

And speaking of Bush's foreign policy. . . there are anti-war marches and rallies occurring nation wide this Saturday (1/18). I would like to add my physical as well as spiritual presence to those gathering in San Francisco. Sarah may not be up to it, though, returning as she is Friday from long days away at work camp. In which case we will carry on the good fight here and in our hearts.

Follow the links below for information about anti-war events near you.

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