Thursday, October 03, 2002

I sat down at the computer nearly two hours ago with at least half an intention to update this space. I had nothing particular in mind and ended up perusing other blogs. A few comment boxes got any good words out of me tonight.

Tom Shugart's, for instance. I just discovered his place, INSITEVIEW, recently when I found he had quoted me a short time back in regards to Elaine's call for a male version of BlogSisters. Currently, Tom is wondering why he is not surprised by recent developments in Bush Jr.'s war fantasies - namely his Rose Garden photo-op with key Democrats.

On a more intimate level, Phineas Narco (who has appeared here on previous occasions) takes us into his mind - a mind diagnosed as schizo-affective - on a "low capacity" day (sorry, can't find permalinks to specific posts at Livejournal).

Shelley, concise and right on target (unlike Lili), somehow starts with a hurricane and ends with Washington D.C. Unfortunately, the only wind in the capitol is the usual gales of hot air.

And Kathryn, who brings us The Hestia Chronicles, muses about sensory stimuli and visual arts.

Sometimes, it seems, blogging is more about the reading than the writing.

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