Tuesday, October 01, 2002

As I mentioned earlier, yesterday - 9/30/02 - marked the 13th anniversary of Sarah and myself. Not to be confused with our wedding anniversary, this is the significant date whereupon we first joined hands and lips. There are stories to tell about that day as well as the days which preceded and followed it, but they will not be told now (the novel way in which we two met has already been described here).

Instead, I offer for those who care to read it the poem I wrote for my beloved to mark the date:

September 30, 2002

13 years ago, give or take a day or two,
I gazed into the sky of your eyes
And wished aloud as lovers do:

I want to be yours,
I want you to be mine.

I can only hope the years between then and now
Have proved these words no idle line.

My blood,
My breath,
My spirit now and after death
Are yours to do with as you will.

Sarah, my heart, I want to be yours
And I want you to be mine still.