Tuesday, July 09, 2002

The bad emotional weather mentioned in my last post (see below) has broken but these are still painful days for Sarah and myself. Painful for Sarah because she is suffering from a number of herniated discs in her lower lumbar area, the agony of which is keeping her more-or-less bed ridden. Painful for myself because it is well nigh unbearable to see the person I love most in this world suffering. With the aid of pain medication, patience and (most of all) love, we are making our way through these painful days, hoping all the while that relief is imminent. Toward that end we are going to visit a neurosurgeon tomorrow.

I am often dubious of medical science (more appropriately, perhaps, I should say I am dubious of the hubris which medical science often displays) but I am hopeful that the strange cult of neurosurgery can give my Sarah back to herself and me.

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