Thursday, May 02, 2013

Among the Departed

For a long time
Death refused to look at me.

 Though, Goddess knows, I flirted

 Or, perhaps,
the big D
simply couldn’t see

 just to what I was up.

 In those days, of course,
I wore the magic hat
of youth

 and drank from a golden cup.

 I had yet to learn the lesson
that immortality is relative.

 Now the clock is ticking faster
and I’ve forgotten
just what I was after

 when this whole thing started.

 And that, I’m sure,
is exactly
as it ought to be.

 For once I’m gone
and among the departed

 it will all come back to me.
- R. Cody -


Brother Ollie said...

tight poem - poignant work RC

Richard Cody said...

Thank you, Ollie!

Audrey Howitt aka Divalounger said...

This is the first of your work I have read--such a great piece--and for me--well--I can so relate

Lisa Williams said...

Wonderful write. Have we not all felt invincible in youth? Now things take a much more sober turn.

K said...

Very nicely written. I love your thoughts on younger vs older and our behavior and the things we chase after. All so true! And somethings are left for another life or another time for us to learn...

mindlovemisery said...

This is amazing! I love those opening lines. We court death when young brilliant!

Richard Cody said...

Thanks for reading everybody.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Wisdom in those words there.

I am content to be 'just here' and not really knowing why - understand about the clock ticking thing though...

Anna :o]

Richard Cody said...

Thanks, Anna. Of course, that clock is an illusion...I think to "just be here is something we all should aspire to.