Friday, July 20, 2012

As the door closes

As the door closes
I remember
the keys…


Steve Isaak said...

Relatable situation, effective work.

Suggestion - in the first line: "As door closes, locks/I remember/the keys. . "

You, like myself, aren't a spoonfeed-the-reader writer, but I thought I'd throw it - as a fan and friend. =)

Stella Pierides said...

And how often this happens to me!

Richard Cody said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Steve, and for reading as always! This particular little piece went through some consideration before I settled on just what you read here. I remember thinking that the inference from the words I used - "door", "closes", "remember", "keys" - should be adequate to let the reader know the door was locked and that I had locked myself out. But, it's all in the reading, I suppose!

Thankfully, I don't do this too often, Stella!