Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Wind, rain to follow

Wind, rain to follow –
so they say
and my bones know.


Sharp Little Pencil said...

Oh, don't your bones know it? Also, I can smell rain and snow on the way. Got that from my Iowa-born mom. That and bipolar disorder, ha ha ha. Lovely words, Richard. Amy

Richard Cody said...

Thanks, Amy. Turned out to be more wind than rain, but we did get a bit wet.

Steve Isaak said...

You rock at this - something I can admire, as my haiku writing is a three-hour (and worthwhile) Herculean effort, most of the time. . . yet you make it seem (almost) effortless - perhaps one of the highest compliments can be paid.

Richard Cody said...

Hey, Steve! This particular piece is an example of one that came to me all of a piece,so to speak. The lines, the rhyme, just apperaed in my head, inspired, of course, by the weather.