Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Standing at the edge

Standing at the edge
of the world, pissing into
the sea!


4:20 am 

Gentle sea breezes
cool my skin – if only sleep
would come again…

- R. Cody -


Anonymous said...

Richard, I'm intrigued by your short, haiku-like poems. Each is like an appetizer that calls for more. Would like to see you expand on these ideas, so that what seems like a whim can become a fully fleshed-out tale. That's my take. I love your petit fours!

Richard Cody said...

Hi Amy!

Thanks for reading. I call these haiku like pieces haikuish. I prefer to keep them short and simple as possible. I do write longer poetry, and fiction! In fact, if you take a look through the archives of this blog, you'll find much verbosity!