Sunday, April 27, 2003

A brief letter of thanks to Sinead O' Connor

Ms. O' Connor, Sinead if I may be so bold, I have not exactly kept up with you past your first two albums (The Lion and the Cobra, I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got). I don't know why. Each of those albums maintains a special place not only in my CD collection but in my heart. Really. Your talent amazes me. Your voice awes me. Your heart of fire and love as revealed through your art and "politics" is an inspiration to me.

I have been aware of the controversy that has swirled around you. I didn�t see you rip the Pope in two but, I must say, I would like to. I admire the courage you have displayed throughout what I know of your life and your career. I admire the convictions from which that courage springs.

Through your music and your conscience you have made an impact on a world that needs more of both. Real music. Real conscience. You are an artist of the truest stripe.

Your desire to retire from the ever hungry public eye is understandable. I can�t imagine the fame you have known. It seems that it must be strangely liberating and suffocating to be so famous. For all that, you were never a Celebrity. Those convictions and that conscience I mentioned above precluded that for you, I think. You were and continue to be a real person with a beautiful heart and a voice like a heavenly choir.

Step out of the spotlight now if you must. May blessings light your way off the stage and on through life.

Thank you for singing your songs.

Singer Sinead O'Connor says she will retire in July

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