Friday, February 07, 2003

U.S. raises terror threat assessment

The Justice Department increased its terrorist threat assessment level to �orange� � or high risk � on Friday, reflecting concerns among Bush administration officials that terrorists are planning an attack against U.S. interests at home or overseas as early as next week.

Sarah is traveling to jolly old England tomorrow for a big to-do business meeting and I can only hope that this so called "increased terror threat" will cause her no more discomfort than a few extra minutes clearing security at the airport. I resent these business trips under the best of circumstances because of the time they steal from us. In these dark times, however, her travels for work stir up black clouds of fearful apprehension.

Fear, indeed.

Is it possibly something more than coincidence that this "orange alert" is being issued just days after Colin Powell's presentation to the U.N security Council?

Powell looked like a rational man making a rational case. But by any
legal or scientific standards, the evidence was shaky and marginal.
Rather than relying on solid facts, Powell chose an emotional route:
he played to fear. Powell and Bush know that they can't win over the
American people on the merits of this war, because it just doesn't
make sense. But if folks are scared enough of Saddam, they'll back

- excerpted from an e-mail alert from Eli Pariser,

Travel safe, Sarah, and come home soon. I'm not afraid of anything with you by my side.

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