Friday, February 14, 2003

So it's Valentine's Day and I'll be sleeping alone tonight, just as I've done for the last week with Sarah across the pond in England. It's not bad enough that she's absent on this day of love's feast alone but, coincidentally enough, it is also the anniversary of the date we moved in to our first apartment. Together.

With Sarah away, I have decided to sit out the peace march/rally ocurring in San Francisco on Sunday. I want to participate and get my own crowd count, and will be there in spirit, but my energy at this point will best be spent tidying the house for my Sarah's return.

She is due back Monday afternoon if she can get past the military blockade around Heathrow airport and the supposed terrorists, which means that I will occupy my weekend worrying and praying for her safe return and, for the first time, looking forward to a Monday.

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