Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Bush Sucks

Shortly after posting the entry I made to this space on 11/18/02 (see below), I realized that I felt conflicted about the content, or lack thereof, in that post. I have never before experienced a single qualm about publicly airing my disdain and (yes) fear of Bush Jr. and his administration. So why did I consider reconnecting to the 'net, logging into Blogger, and deleting the post below? No, not because I feared that El Presidente would send his goons to drag me into the night for voicing dissent (yet), but because I did not express my dissent clearly enough. The post below rises no higher than mere invective, weighted by no arguments and not even an opinion about what is right or wrong with the World Court that Mr. Bush Jr. refuses to acknowledge (he has wars to wage after all). What use can such a post possibly serve? For those who agree with me regarding the Evil that is the Bush Administration it is pointless corroboration. For those who support Bush Jr. and his policies it is equally pointless as they will surley not be moved by such unsubstantiated puff. Of course, the same might be said of any writing on this subject - simplistic invective or well reasoned and articulated argument. I suppose I am disappointed with myself for not practicing the latter (on this occasion at least).

This is what comes, apparently, from attempting to update one's blog at the end of a long and tiring day.

P.S. for some compelling criticism of Bush and his quest for world domination check out The One True B!X

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