Friday, September 06, 2002

The voice mail "scene" (wherein yours truly was known by the nom de telephone, "Psycho Jack") through which I met Sarah and which I described briefly back in February is the subject of an article featured in the most recent edition of metroACTIVE, an on-line arts and entertainment guide from Northern Cailfornia's MetroNews.

The article - which may be read in its entirety here - consists of:

1. An interview with James Scianna (aka Phineas Narco) of The National Cynical Network and one of the guiding lights behind Midnight Voicejail, the radio program broadcast on KFJC which captures for all the world to hear a small portion of the aforementioned voice mail "scene".

2. A preview of Midnight Voicejail's new season opener which will be broadcast on 9/11 and will memorialize this now infamous date with just the right amounts of cynicism and irreverence.

3. A thumbnail sketch of the voice mail phenomenon which Midnight Voicejail commemorates.

I can't thank Mr. Narco enough for his efforts on Midnight Voicejail and for mailing me a selection of shows on disc recently. I do feel compelled to point out, however, that Midnight Voicejail (as mentioned above) captures only a certain group of participants involved with the voice mail "scene". There are a considerable number of folks who are not represented because their messages were not recorded for posterity and because they had little or no traffic with the people behind Midnight Voicejail. As I say, just a note on behalf of the unknown voicejailers.

Read the article, listen to some clips and/or tune in to KFJC for a better idea of what I am rambling on about here.

Yours Truly,

Psycho Jack