Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I was just drifting off and actually beginning to think that George W. and his controllers and cronies really did have my best interests at heart when Kathy over at Brainspinning pointed me toward this article about James Bamford's Body of Evidence in which the author uncovers evidence of the plans concocted by the U.S. Government in the 60's to:

"kill innocent people and commit acts of terrorism in U.S. cities to create public support for a war against Cuba."

"Cuba?" you say. "Cuba is old news. Iraq is hot now!"

"Well", I answer, "simply substitue Iraq for Cuba in the quote above and see if you don't get a nasty chill down your spine. And, incidentally, Cuba is still current news."

Now, I hear you again. You're saying: "The U.S. Government killing it's own people? Richard, you are a paranoid in need of medication."

"Sure," I say, "events such as the 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge and the 1993 massacre of 82 Branch Davidian's in Waco - even the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment - aren't very good examples of the kind of unthinkable atrocity I am suggesting here. Those were just isolated incidents and nothing close to the scale of 9/11. Yes, you're right, I'm simply paranoid."

If only I was. Read what Barrie Zwicker at the Centre for Research on Globalisation has to say regarding my delusions - The Great Deception. Sleep tight, America, the hours are growing small.

Prescription of Painful Ends

Lucretius felt the change of the world in his time, the
great republic riding to the height
whence every road leads downward; Plato in his time
watched Athens
Dance down the path. The future is a misted landscape,
no man sees clearly, but at cyclic turns
there is a change felt in the rhythm of events, as when
an exhausted horse
Falters and recovers, then the rhythm of the running
hoofbeats is changed: he will run miles yet,
But he must fall: we have felt it again in our own life
time, slip, shift and speed-up
In the gallop of the world; and now perceive that, come
peace or war, the progress of Europe and America
Becomes a long process of deterioration - starred with
famous Byzantiums and Alexandrias,
Surely - but downward. One desires at such times
To gather the insights of the age summit against future
loss, against the narrowing of mind and the tyrants,
The pedants, the mystagogues, the barbarians: one
builds poems for treasuries, time-conscious poems:
Sings his great theory of natural origins and of wise
conduct; Plato smiling carves dreams, bright cells
Of incorruptible wax to hive the Greek honey.
Our own
time, much greater and far less fortunate,
Has acids for honey, and for fine dreams
The immense vulgarities of misapplied science and de-
caying Christianity: therefore one christens each
poem in dutiful
Hope of burning off at least the top layer of the time's
uncleaness, from the acid-bottles.

- Robinson Jeffers, 1939 -

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