Sunday, August 11, 2002

Bumper sticker spotted on the San Francisco Bay Bridge:

You fuck with us
We fuck with you
God bless America
(obligatory image of the Stars and Stripes follows this succinct and reactionary tribal credo)

It is clear from our reaction to the events of 9/11 that the above referenced adhesive declaration is all too true if not completely accurate. It is clear from Bush Jr.'s policy regarding Iraq, for instance, that we will f**k with you regardless of what you have or have not done to us. In fact, we are very likely to f**k with you if we have something to gain by said f**king, oil markets for instance.

As for God blessing America. . .

I can only assume that George W. and the driver of the decorated vehicle (an unknown large pick-up truck, no gun rack visible but this is The Bay Area!) are worshipping Mars, Odin or some other jealous and vengeful God of War - most likely, given the Judeo-Christian leanings of this country, the Old Testament Yaweh.

As Sarah points out:

"While it seems to be a truism that people end up looking like their dogs, it seems equally true that their gods end up looking like them."

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