Friday, June 28, 2002

Searching the net for information regarding the death threats Michael Newdow has received from decent god fearing Americans for his currently controversial suit regarding the Pledge of Allegiance, I came across this story about a man attacked by a deer while performing routine maintenance on his car at an Ohio gas station.

Strangely enough, just yesterday as I walked home from the bus that delivered me from a hard days work I witnessed a young deer clicking down the street in something of a panic. The animal trotted past me on the opposite sidewalk, turned the corner and vanished into whatever fate awaited it. This is not something one sees everday in Oakland, California. Motivated by a concern for the safety of the animal and anybody who might encounter it in this very urban neighborhood, I notified the animal control people.

I can only hope that one way or another my little Bambi made it to safety.

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