Sunday, May 05, 2002

There have been a number of animal rights issues blipping across my RADAR screen of late - issues that I feel bear not only mentioning but examination. Unfortunately, I am too tired at the moment to do anything but the former. I simply don't have the gumption to climb up on my soapbox and sell my notions about remote control rats, the question of legal rights for chimpanzees and other primates, or the apparent expansion of McDonald's animal welfare policy .

I have maintained a vegetarian diet ( I do ingest sea food and dairy products) for a few years now, motivated by the need to wash my hands of the degradation and disrespect perpetrated upon animals by the food industry, so you will perhaps believe me when I assure you that these issues are important to me.

Not really very important at all but slightly amusing is Bert's weird/bad art page . I linked to this site a while back from I know not where (a blog, perhaps? Was it yours?) and entered one of the caption contests. It seems my effort has been awarded first place. The prize, 15 seconds of fame, is appropriate and a logical extrapolation of Andy Warhol's 15 minute theory given the increasing speed with which time is passing these days. However, since the author of the winning captions is not credited it is really the winning caption itself that enjoys basking in the 15 second limelight and not the writer. Oh well, you will just have to take my word that the winning caption for this picture is mine.

Speaking of writing. . . I have finally finished that poem. I have no idea if anybody reading this is interested in the resolution of the two month struggle that this piece gave me but I proclaim it here for the universe to hear if nobody else: the poem has found it's form.

I will rest tonight without those same tiresome lines running through my head.

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