Wednesday, May 08, 2002

It seems "funny" at times how bloggers that I read regularly will post a blog about something that has been on my mind. I have recorded such an occurrence once in this space and it has happened on other occasions that I have not bothered to note. All of this synchronicity reminds me of Alan Moore's notions of Idea Space which I touched upon here.

This time around Anita has blogged on the subject of personal discipline, an idea which has not only been on my mind of late but one that has been realized (to some small extent) within my life in the last two weeks.

The discipline of which I speak is one of writing - not blog entries but poetry. I have set myself the task of penning at least one poem per week. This modest weekly goal has been set to keep the creative pump primed, so to speak, and to maintain my mental and spiritual health in general. I have discovered over the years that writing is excellent therapy for the mind and soul. The creative process is a link to the Divine and, so long as the creator does not let ego blind him/her (easier writ than done!), a path to the truest and most liberating insights. For all of this, however, I am a lazy bastard and simply do not write as much as I ought to. Hence my new found discipline.

Thus far I have been successful, making my first deadline with the short and (I hope) sweet note I posted to Louis Armstrong a few days back. My second success was the completion of the difficult poem some of you may recall reading about (which I may post here at some point when I can bear to look at it). Will I be capable of maintaining this discipline?

I can only say that I hope so.

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