Monday, April 08, 2002

Seize it

This moment
could be the axis
around which the whole of your life is turning.

The beat of a heart, the blink of an eye,
the time it takes to complete a breath.

What is a moment?

Merriam-Webster states, among other things, that a moment is:

1 a : a minute portion or point of time : INSTANT b : a comparatively brief period of time

2 a : present time b : a time of excellence or conspicuousness

Accurate but lacking.

This moment is NOW .

A place outside of time, neither ticked nor tocked.

Present and accountable as HERE and NOW but lost even as it is realized.

This moment is momentous, perhaps.

More so than your first, or last, kiss?
Or the instant you knew, as a child,
that Death was in the world?


Possibly not.

There are occurrences of obvious consequence
which we pin to the maps of our lives (here
I learned the truth about Santa, here I learned to drive)
and there are moments like this,

passing unobserved (mainly) into a life in progress.

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