Monday, April 22, 2002

The following appeared in my in-box late last night and I was unsure what to make of it until I turned this up with a Google search . At first I had no idea if it was a genuine offer, a piece of mutant spam, a simple hoax or a cunning scam.

Turns out it is all of the above.

Being unemployed, I was tempted for a moment by the lure of easy money. Fortunately, reason and a moral sense which forbids me to profit from the spoils of tyranny made that moment of temptation a very brief one.

Now, without further ado, Barrister Soulman Hassan will perform for you the great Nigerian Hustle:

Dear sir,
I am Barrister Soulman Hassan ( SAN ), Lawyer to Mrs. Maryam Abacha ( the Wife of Late
Military Head of States
General Sani Abacha) who died 1998 where in service. However, it is particularly important
to mention here that
before the death of her husband he was able to accumulate enough money through oil
proceeds during his tenure in
the office, it was discover after his death that he worth over US$4.5Billion (Four Billion, Five
Hundren Milion United
States Dollars). And some of this money were retrieved after his death while some was
recovered from the officials
that served under him during his reign as the President of Nigeria. Having said all this, there
was a twist in his
Wealth, The Present Government of Chief Olusegun Obansajo probe his Wealth, most of
his account where
frozen both Local and International.

My client has been able to Move US$45,000,000.00 through diplomatic means to a
Security Company in
Canada , marked as personal effect. Morealso, Bank to Bank transfer of the Fund can be
traced, hence the Money
was stamped with a security code so as to beat the security at the Airport and we do not
want what happen to her
late Husband's billion's of dollars to repeat itself.
My client is under house arrest, the eldest son Mohammed Abacha is in Prison and the
second son Abba Abacha is
under my custody and she is soliciting for a honest Foreign partner who will clear the funds
from the security
Company and invest part of the fund on any profitable venture.
Proposed Sharing Partern (%):

1. 70% for my client

2. 25% for you as a partner/fronting for us.

3. 5% for expenses that may be incurred by both parties during the cause of this

Due to the present condition of my client. I shall be very grateful if you keep it confidential
and response as soon as
possible via email.

Do send your private phone number and private fax number , also the name you wish to
use as the beneficiary .

I urgently await your response.

Yours Faithfully,

Soulman Hassan ( SAN )

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